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Villa for sale or for rent in Ras Maska/ El Koura

Added on 27/01/2017
11:55 AM
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Villa for sale or for rent in Ras Maska/ El Koura, 2,230 m2 land (Land 1378 and 852 ( LAND BESIDE ) ) built on it a 1,850 m2 villa with 800 m2 parking, 1,500 m2 garden approximately, 40 years old but in a great condition, super deluxe finishing, mixed arabe, European style architecturestrong 6 levels floors, including underground floor, in an exclusive villa , situated on flat hill , good weather and Mediterranean breezes. Sea sun set, hills and mountains, others villas and olives field from the last floor. Entrance Main reception including mosaic water pool, connecting French, English, Chinese, ottoman and oriental style living room, spacious dining room and mosaic style bar. Old arab ceilings and artistic applications First, fifth floor and whole scale on marble finishing. Bathroom and big kitchen connected with underground floor. Others floors predominating wood finished, with good and complete equipment including elevator, generator, waterhole, central heating and heater. Consists of 22 rooms, 4 saloons, big restaurant underground. Distribution Second and others floors. The most 18 spacious Suite bedrooms, each furnished unique style, large dimensions most of them with their climatization and terrace of balcony. All rooms have central heating, separate bathroom, hot water, satellite, TV and video connection, An multiproposite or events room, extra spaces and others rooms, including one heater, capacity at least 100 persons. Under ground dining room or restaurant Original floor decorated with natural wooden paneling, connected to the kitchen Gardens hedged with fountains, olives and fruits trees, surrounded by flowers and equipped with 2 barbecues. Suitable for international organism, big and exclusive company, embassy, education institution, private service, broadcasting radiotv company, unated nations organism, Unicef, Unesco... For rent at 185,000 $ per year or for sale at 5,000,000 $.

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Ras Maska, El Koura, North, Lebanon


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