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Villa for sale in Beshmezzine/ Koura

Added on 08/07/2020
09:46 AM
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A 1,000 m2 land in Beshmezzine/ Koura, build on it a 500 m2 villa for sale, ( ALL interior and exterior furniture,pool (BBQ) including appliances, Tv's etc in the price ), consists of: 3 Levels in TOTAL 1st and 2nd Levels: Kitchen, 2 Dining Rooms, 3 Living Rooms, 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 1 Laundry Room. 3rd Level: Open Concept Loft consists of: Kitchen area, Living room, Bathroom and 1 large Bedroom. Total area (100m) Features of the villa: -stone cladding exterior and interior -wood burning fireplace -pool -large exterior dining and sitting area -house located on cul-de-sac (peaceful,safe,quiet), Bishmizzine High school 2 minutes, 18 minutes from Tripoli, 10 minutes to Chekka(highway to Beirut) Terms of Payment: Cash or Bank Transfer in account abroad. Price: 599,000 $.

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Beshmezzine, El Koura, North, Lebanon


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