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Pharmacy for rent ( خلو ) in Al Jdeideh

Added on 24/05/2019
10:16 AM
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Pharmacy for rent ( خلو ) in Al Jdeideh, consists of 2 floors: 40 m2 on the ground floor and 20 m2 mesanine, fully equipped, decorated, has CCTV system for cameras, DVR, LG 24" screen, intrusion detection system, fire alarm system, refrigerator for drugs, steel cabinet for psychotropics drugs, cash-drawer, printer, landline and telephone, wifi internet, 2 ACs, kitchenette, working, still has 8 years renting contract, has a license from the ministry of health, at 60,000 $ ( خلو ).

Location / Address

Al Jdeideh, El Meten, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon


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  • Mobile: +9613001555 +96170422777
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