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Added on 20/03/2018
08:33 AM
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RECYCLING DEVELOPMENTS LTD is a well-known Exporter and Supplier of various Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metal such as ALUMINUM EXTRUSION 6063 SCRAP == $750 Per MT COPPER WIRE SCRAP === $3,500 Per MT FRIDGE COMPRESSOR SCRAP == $200 Per MT BALED TYRE SCRAP == $65 Per MT USED SHOES GRADE A == $0.98 Per KG USED CLOTHES GRADE A == $0.88 Per KG and many more and we are also dealers in both plastic and rubber scraps such as PET BOTTLE SCRAP == $200 Per MT HDPE BOTTLE == $350 Per MT HDPE DRUMS == $300 Per MT LDPE FILMS == $380 Per MT ABS SCRAP == $200 Per MT USED CONVEYOR BELT == $250 Per MT BABY DIAPERS == $300 Per MT LCD MONITORS SCRAP == $200 Per MT TETRA PAK REJECTED ROLLS == $350 Per MT PU FOAM SCRAP == $300 Per MT And lots more, As a reputed Exporter and Supplier, we bring forth a wide range of products, meeting various requirements. The products that we offer are available in several variants and are known all over the world for their quality and affordable price.

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