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Land for sale near the ancient cedar park of Jaj

Added on 13/02/2020
11:52 AM
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Looking for quite place away from crowded city and traffic, this is the best place to move into for future investment with your 55$ the next day will increase to 50% much secured investment in land, more than the falling price of gold and foreign currency, move into this great investment opportunity now before you miss the train of land investment, in this ancient region with great views near the ancient national Cedar park of Jaj and more Holly sites in the region including ski resort of Laqlouq. Our contact: 03 866010

Land Ecorche Good view
Land For Building Yes
Land Of Olives Oak
Price/m2 390000
Size (square meter) 9000
Zoning None

Location / Address

Saki Reshmaya, Jbeil, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon


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