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Lands for sale in Joun/ Chouf

Added on 20/05/2019
07:58 AM
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Four lands for sale in Joun/ Chouf, 2 of them next to each other on one side and the other 2 next to each other on the other side of the road, has asphalted road. The first two are flat, each land is 1,645 m2, have 70 m2 on the road. The other two are slope, 1,645 m2 and 1,903 m2, have 35 m2 on the road. All the lands are agricultural and have water and electricity. Each labnd can be sold separately, the 1,645 m2 lands are at 165,000 $ and the 1,903 m2 land is at 172,000 $.

Location / Address

Joun, Ech Chouf, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon


BETWEEN 165,000$ AND 172,000$ Please Login to place your bid!!
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