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SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! - Bteddine El Loqch Jezzine Land

Added on 02/08/2019
03:18 AM
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Selling a land in Bteddine El Loqch in the Jezzine District of the South Lebanon Governorate. It is 70 km and 1h 15 min drive from downtown beirut with a sea level elevation of 830 m. It overlooks a valley, multiple hills and the meditarrenean sea in the far distance. The lot is 770 msq certified for building. To view the location of the property on google maps, open google maps and plug in or cut and paste the following coordinates: 33° 33' 42.576" N 35° 33' 22.668" E The asking price is $80000 negotiable and I will sell to ANYONE; no restrictions on nationality, religion, affiliation.

Size (square meter) 770

Location / Address

Bteddin Loksh, Jezzine, South, Lebanon


$80,000 and negotiable Please Login to place your bid!!
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