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Apartment for sale in Nabay

Added on 20/02/2020
08:38 AM
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A brand new apartment for sale in Nabay/ El Meten, 236 m2 with a 56 m2 garden, at the ground floor, in a new project equipped with a kids play- ground and a swimming pool. The apartment consists of 3 bedrooms including 2 master bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 parking lots, one storage room. General info about the apartment: Heating: The apartments shall be equipped with a gas heating system composed of a boiler (Europe- an made), radiators and shared gas tank and meters. Water tanks: Each apartment shall have a 1000 liters water tank in addition to a common collective water tank in the basement for reserve. Air conditioning: the apartment shall be equipped with a ducted split air conditioning system for living and dining areas and with split AC units for bed- rooms. Price: 350,000 $.

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Nabey, El Meten, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon


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