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The Neighberhood

Added on 28/10/2016
08:26 AM
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The Neighborhood Project Hazmieh / New Martakla Your heart will say Yes, your mind will say definitely yes ! The project consists of 7 buildings targeting mainly the young generation with small apartments ranging from 70 m2 simplexes to 135 m2 duplexes . The project is exceptional in the region holding modern designs with trendy detailed facades for a classy living experience Amenities: - 2 Underground parking spots per apartment - 1 Storage room - 24/7 security The project overlooks the Mansourieh valley and part of Beirut. For the Garden Lovers, The Neighborhood project has the perfect Combination of well adapted apartments with their small terraces making the gatherings outside pleasant and enjoyable. We are offering also the best financial products in the market along with Fransabank with 0 % Down payments !!

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Al Hazmiyeh, Baabda, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon


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