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Really beautiful Palace with amazing landscape.

Added on 09/04/2013
04:38 PM
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The Palace is composed of 6 floors, with elevator: - An outdoor pool and garden - The first floor is an indoor parking - The second floor is an open space that can be used as a gym or other entertainment area. - The third floor is for the salons. - The fourth floor is for the dining room - The fifth floor is for the bedrooms. - The sixth floor has extra rooms that can be used for extra guests, maids…. The Palace does have 2 entrances, one principal and the other for the guests. The view simply takes your breath away. the area is secured 24/24. The Palace is 90% done; it still needs the finishing like painting and marble floor which can be an advantage for you to have your own interior design. The owner has a construction company so he built this Palace for himself on high standards but since he is leaving Lebanon, he is selling it for a really good price. I invite you to contact me for further details.

Location / Address

Al Meshref, Ech Chouf, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon


$4,600,000 and negotiable Please Login to place your bid!!
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  • Mobile: 4575785888
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  • Address: Dawhet Aramoun Mount Lebanon