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Building for sale in Monte Verde

Added on 08/03/2013
08:34 AM
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Building in Monte Verde: sea and montain view. Luxurious apartments and perfection in designs as well as finishing. The apartments are carefully planned and meticulously detailed which results in an extraordinary precision, high quality, elegance, innovation, super delux........... The Building is: - Ground apartment with his garden 240m - 1st floor 225m x - 2nd floor 225m x - 3rd floor 2 apartments with their duplex, 230m each 2 bedrooms, 1 master, 1 living room, 1 salon, 1 dinning room, 1 maid room with her bathroom, instalation for A/C are available, heating, 2 parking per apartment, big space for vistor\'s parking, water tank up to 20 000 liter. The specifications: •The main entrance is tiled with marble rendered in a Gypsum decoration. •Front and side elevations are tiled with stone. •Stairs are covered with granite tiles. •Two car parking spaces. •All exterior aluminium doors and windows are double-galzed. •Aluminium motorized curtains for windows and doors. •First choice marble for reception, entrance and main balcony. •Over-sized marble tiling for bedrooms and living rooms areas. •Imported ceramic tiles for bathrooms and Kitchen marble counter-tops and built-in wash basins. •Imported wall-hung sanitary fixtures and mixers. •PPR pipes for cold

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Monte Verde, El Meten, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon


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