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Amazing building for sale in Beit Mery

Added on 01/11/2012
02:42 PM
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The building is build on a 1,200m2 property with unobstructed view of all of greater beirut area and more. The building consists of 2,250m2 construction which includes: 2 floor of underground depot 300m2 each floor, 10 street store front level that is 360m2, A sala level above the ground level store that have 360m2, 3 levels of 6 apartments, each apartment 155m2. Also an old license to build a duplex on top.,35.603052

Location / Address

Beit Mery, El Meten, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon

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$3,500,000 and negotiable Please Login to place your bid!!
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  • Mobile: 96170646268
  • e-mail:
  • Address: beit mery