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Building Borj Hamoud

Added on 16/12/2012
11:43 AM
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A complete autonomic building in Borj Hamoud. Ground floor contains 4 shops with a total surface of aprox. 130 m2. Two of the shops are rented by new renters(200$ a month each shop), one is free for rent, the fourth has an old renter (60$ a month). First floor contains an appartment with 5 rooms, a kitchen and bathroom, also with a total surface of aprox. 130 m2. The appartment does not have an renter, so is empty. There are no problems in the building and no debts. There are no companions, so 1 proprietor. We have worked on the building for the past few years, we isolated the roof, the electricity has been fixed. The maintenance on the inside has been done, but it needs little maintenance on the outside such as painting.

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Beirut, Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon


$230,000 and negotiable Please Login to place your bid!!
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