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Hot Apartmnet for sale in Sodeco

Added on 27/08/2009
02:25 PM
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Sodeco 835 Type: Apartment Region: Beirut Square Meter: 213 m2 - 300 m2 Price: Reference ID: 24 Description: High-end apartments, offices and shops await you in this upscale residential and commercial building situated in the heart of Beirut. (Under Construction) BUILDING ○ Location: Sodeco ○ Double external walls ○ Double glazed painted aluminum ○ Three basement levels ○ Car parking area of 2019 m2 with automated access ○ Safety systems: Seismic, Fire, CCTV, Lightning ○ Common drivers’ and maids’ waiting room ○ Power generator for the building ○ Backup lighting in case of power failure ○ Water well with water treatment plant ○ External oak wooden doors ○ Decorative plaster works in the entrances and stairs APARTMENTS ○ Simplex: 213 m2 ○ Duplex: 300 m2 ○ Marble flooring including kitchen and bathrooms ○ Mitsubishi elevator ○ Videophone OFFICES ○ Area: 70 m2, 110 m2, 180 m2, 350 m2 ○ European made elevator (MP) ○ Interphone SHOPS ○ Area: 40 m2, 116 m2, 120 m2 ○ For each shop: Mezzanine area covering 2/3 of the shop area.

Location / Address

Sodico, Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon


$27,000 and negotiable Please Login to place your bid!!
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